Eve Hallow Dress Up Game

Last post, I teased a little project I’ve been working on while taking a breather from the BvtW draft. In honor of Halloween and the spooky season, I’ve put together a Halloween-themed dress up game!

Meet Eve Hallow!

I’ve wanted to make my own kisekae/digital paper dolls since I was introduced to them as a teenager. Despite the fact that I have many…many old bitmap files floating around somewhere of doll bases and clothes I’d drawn in MSPaint, I never got around to actually coding the dolls. This one isn’t exactly the same thing as the kisekae system, but it feels good to finally make a thing that I’ve always wanted to make.

Here are a couple of the looks you can put together:

The doll is “finished,” but I plan on adding more items in the future, which I’ll post about in updates here. I had a lot of fun working on this one, and I’ve already got a few ideas for other dolls I want to make.

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