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Blythe vs. the Werewolf

A wizard accepts a job near a remote forest village where a legendary beast terrorizes a farmer and her livestock.

Blythe vs. the Werewolf is an illustrated novella that will update in five parts.

Status: Ongoing
Latest Update: May 28th

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From the blog

  • Losing Track & Getting It Back
    First thing’s first, I have to announce that Blythe vs. the Werewolf’s update schedule has changed from “every other month” to ”when it’s good and ready.” When I first started posting it, of course I worried I’d have to do this eventually. But life happens, and all you can do is adjust! And it isn’t even bad life stuff! I’d picked up more hours at work for the summer, and I just haven’t been able… Read more Losing Track & Getting It Back
  • Blythe vs. the Werewolf Launch!
    Blythe vs. the Werewolf has officially launched today! You can start reading here. The story will update in five parts following the prologue, with a projected schedule of the last Saturday of every other month. So, barring any major issues, you can expect the next update on Saturday, May 28th. I’m really excited to finally release this little story that’s been bouncing around my head for years out into the world.
  • BvtW update: Postponed Launch
    Just a quick update, but I’ve decided to postpone the launch date for Blythe vs. the Werewolf from the 5th of March to the 26th of March. The illustrations are taking me far longer than I had anticipated, and I still have revisions to do for Part 2 so I can get those illustrations started. I may or may not have to postpone further depending on time, energy, and my ability to speed up my… Read more BvtW update: Postponed Launch
  • 2022 Yearly Redraw & 2021 Reflections
    Happy 2022! I know, we’re already a month into it. I started my year off with the ‘rona, but I’m fully recovered and have been working on Blythe vs. the Werewolf in the meantime. More on that later, but first, my 2022 portrait for the yearly redraw challenge: Yearly Redraw 2022 edition This year I wanted to go for a simpler look instead of the more painterly approach I took last year. I’m working with… Read more 2022 Yearly Redraw & 2021 Reflections
  • Running up that revision hill
    Revision is hard. I always forget just how hard until I dive into it. The good news is, I’m making headway on Blythe vs. the Werewolf! I’m hoping to post the first installment in January, though the exact date is TBD. I’m trucking along with revisions and thumbnail sketches, but I’m unsure on how long it’ll all take to get everything to a presentable level. Although I’ve (mostly) gotten over the fear of things Not… Read more Running up that revision hill

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