Art Challenge: Yearly Redraw

Let’s switch it up and break away from the planning and writing stuff this week.

One of my favorite art challenges is the yearly redraw. It’s a great way to see what you’ve learned over the course of a year, and how your style and skills have developed. I’ve never attempted this before (at least, not that I remember) so I decided to take a stab at it.

I dug through my digital art files from last January, and landed on a piece that I never quite finished. What better subject for a yearly redraw, right?

I intended this as a self-portrait with a spring theme, done in Clip Studio Paint. It’s, I admit, a lazy attempt. It was more to get the idea out than anything, so the result isn’t much more than a rough concept.

Now for this year’s version:

I revisited the spring theme, but I traded out the random flowers for birch branches. The letter B equivalent in Ogham, beith, means birch. Beith is close enough in spelling to my own name that I like to claim a connection with it. I’m sure Beth and beith don’t share a pronunciation, but shh. The birch is a symbol of spring, renewal, and beginnings. That appeals to me. Plus the eye-like marks in their bark lend them a kinda spooky vibe that’s hashtag aesthetic.

I wanted to practice digital painting in CSP, as well as playing around with color. I didn’t push it as much as I could have, but I like the overall vibe of it and look forward to giving it another go next year!

Phew, that’s one month out of 2021 down! Next month’s posts will revolve around Strange Company while I begin revisions on it. Stay tuned!

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