A glimpse at what’s to come

Last post, I called January my “figure things out” month. We’re two weeks in now. What have I figured out so far? Well, I haven’t set any deadlines for myself yet, and I still don’t know exactly what I want to work on from month to month.

It’s kind of making my head spin, so we’ll leave the details and the planning for next week’s post. This week, I want to talk a little bit about the three main projects I’m focusing on. These are:

  • Strange Company (an illustrated serial)
  • Wyrd Girl (an episodic comic and namesake of this site)
  • Blythe vs. the Werewolf (a short comic)

The main words here are “serial”, “episodic”, and “short.” This is the year I want to start finishing things, after all, and to do that, I need smaller goals. As such, I’ve decided to focus on shorter stories and ones where I can post installments.

Anyway, here’s a little bit about each.

Strange Company

Raye sets an angry spirit loose after sneaking into a restricted archaeological site. Their brief contact gains her an affinity for fire magic, which she must learn to control. Any clues to her involvement with unleashing the spirit will lead to big trouble for her. After all, it’s her mom’s company bankrolling the now postponed project.

But her mother’s interest in the site is far from academic. When Raye’s uncle returns after a year long absence, she discovers his connection to the ghost. She also learns how dangerous her own newfound link to it is.

Strange Company is the story I’ve been working on for the longest, and is the one I’m most excited about. There are a lot of moving parts, so getting it into shape will be…a challenge. It’ll be my Big Project for 2021 (and beyond), and I’m aiming to start posting chapters this year, if all goes well!

Wyrd Girl

Sienna is a young witch following the wyrd path of magic. With the help of her forest spirit friend, Umber, she uses her magic to aid the creatures that linger in the forest. But Sienna soon finds herself at odds with the new spirit hunter in town. This hunter’s mission? Rid the area of the very spirits Sienna wishes to help and befriend.

Wyrd Girl is part of my effort to return to making comics this year. I have what I now consider a pilot version of the first episode available to read on the site. The new episodes will look a bit different, since I’m forgoing pages in favor of a Webtoon style vertical format.

Like Strange Company, I want to start posting those new episodes later this year.

Blythe vs. the Werewolf

A wizard travels to a remote village to rid it of the creature terrorizing its residents.

Blythe vs. the Werewolf will be a short comic, and a standalone story. It takes place in the same world as Strange Company, and stars one of the major characters in his younger days.

This is the only thing I have a hard deadline for. I’ve been wanting to do this as a Halloween thing for a while now. Will this year be the year I finally make it happen?! Stay tuned!

That’s it! These are the projects I’m focusing my effort on this year. I’ll probably work on some short fiction in the background, but other than that? Two larger projects and one smaller one will be enough to keep me busy.

Next week’s post: I try to set some hard deadlines!

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