Setting the Scene: Designing an underground city

I’ve been waching lot of DIY videos on miniatures and models lately. That, of course, has me thinking, “Hey, what if I make a model of the underground city I need to design?” Unfortunately I don’t currently have the space nor the materials to make that happen. Maybe someday? What I can do (and what I need to do anyway) is sketch it out. The city in question is part of the fictional archaeological site… Read more Setting the Scene: Designing an underground city

Character Concepts: Sam

Last post I talked a bit about Raye. While she’s the foremost main character out of the five whose POVs get the most attention, the most central character to the plot is Sam. Although he has very few POV scenes outside of flashbacks, he’s the reason why everyone is where they are at the outset of Strange Company. Sam Donovan hasn’t gone by his Saintly name in a long…long time. Not since the gods stripped… Read more Character Concepts: Sam

Character Concepts: Raye

Strange Company is a big story with a big cast, and it follows multiple POVs. There are five main characters, whose perspectives the story follows most often: Raye, Helmi, Uriel, Gabriel, and Sam. Out of these five main characters, THE main character is Raye. Raye is an energetic young woman with a mischievous streak. She’s also a bit directionless, and doesn’t know what she wants out of life yet. This becomes a point of contention… Read more Character Concepts: Raye

Project Spotlight: Strange Company

It’s been over a month since the webcomic host Smackjeeves shut down for good. For the last 12 or so years, it was home to my very first (and very abandoned webcomic). That webcomic was the spiritual predecessor to Strange Company. It’s got the same characters, the same world, the same settings. It even has some holdovers from the old plot. But I’d like to think it’s evolved enough that it’s something wholly new. The… Read more Project Spotlight: Strange Company