Art Challenge: Yearly Redraw

Let’s switch it up and break away from the planning and writing stuff this week. One of my favorite art challenges is the yearly redraw. It’s a great way to see what you’ve learned over the course of a year, and how your style and skills have developed. I’ve never attempted this before (at least, not that I remember) so I decided to take a stab at it. I dug through my digital art files… Read more Art Challenge: Yearly Redraw

On Setting the Pace

Time to dip into the nitty gritty. I have the projects I want to focus on this year. Now I need to wrangle them into shape, and I need to decide how long I have to do that. I need deadlines. I’ve got a problem, though. A few problems, actually. For one, I have a habit of giving myself goals that prove too daunting. Solution? I need to break my big lofty goals into smaller,… Read more On Setting the Pace

A glimpse at what’s to come

Last post, I called January my “figure things out” month. We’re two weeks in now. What have I figured out so far? Well, I haven’t set any deadlines for myself yet, and I still don’t know exactly what I want to work on from month to month. It’s kind of making my head spin, so we’ll leave the details and the planning for next week’s post. This week, I want to talk a little bit… Read more A glimpse at what’s to come

On Setting Up My 2021 Project Log

“I want to actually finish things this year.” This is what I keep telling myself. My original intention for this post was to talk about my 2021 Project Log, and how it’ll help me track my writing goals. The Project Log, which I started last May, is a word count tracker, writing session log, and rewards system all in one. Every thousand words gained me a point, marked with a sticker! Once I’d racked up… Read more On Setting Up My 2021 Project Log

New Year, New Look, New Plans

Time to perform a little bit of necromancy on this site. It’s been two years since I last finished and posted a comic here. My attention’s just been elsewhere, especially after two moves in 2019 and an…eventful 2020. Still, I want to revive this place. I can’t make any promises about when I’ll have a new comic, but I have some (very) loose plans for the coming year. First off, I’m going to attempt keeping up… Read more New Year, New Look, New Plans