That’s the end of Stormbrewer, and the last comic page for 2018! Hope you enjoyed it!

Unfortunately, this will be the last page for a while. I need to take a break from comics to recharge and organize some life stuff. On top of working full time, I’m hoping to eventually go back to school. I’m not sure when I’ll be ready to work on the next comic, but I have a good idea of what’s next. I’m really excited about it, but making comics can take a lot out of you! I want to have the energy to finish something I’m proud of without it feeling like a slog, or like I have to rush it.

There’s no time frame for the next update yet. As mentioned in the last news post, though, I’ll post it either in its entirety or in two parts over the course of a single month.

Your best bet for keeping track of comics-related progress is to follow me onĀ twitter or mastodon. (I’ll also keep posting art there!) Once I have a set date for the next comic update, I’ll make another news post here as well.

Thank you for reading! See you in 2019!