Today’s comic page is the first in a new short comic, Stormbrewer! It’ll update with a page a week from now until the end of the year!!!!

I’m going to make some changes in the way I update comics once Stormbrewer is finished. I don’t like updating with only one page or strip a week, but working full time means that I can’t do more, so starting in 2019, I’ll be posting short comics in full either every month or every other month. I’ll have more details once I figure out what’s a plausible workload for me.

That said, the next comic I plan to put out will be Episode 2 of Wyrd Girl. I don’t know yet what month I’ll be able to post it, but I’ll most likely drop the first fifteen pages at the beginning of that month and the rest of it halfway through it. I do know that I want to have the comic fully completed before I post any pages.

Once I have more figured out, I’ll post a schedule of when to expect updates.