EDIT: Hey, I accidentally posted that the hiatus would be ending on September 5th when in fact it’ll be ending on October 3rd. Can’t believe I forgot September comes right after August and that August is halfway over! This sort of thing is exactly why I’m taking a break hahaha

Anyway, the post has been updated. Thanks!

The first episode of Wyrd Girl is just one page away from being over! It’ll go up as usual next Thursday (August 23rd), and then updates will go on hiatus until October 3rd. (The new update day will be Wednesdays from then on.) This update will either be the first page of the next standalone comic, or the first of another batch of gag strips. I want to use this time off both to recharge and rebuild a buffer.

The site is also getting a bit of an overhaul. The old alternating schedule of gag strips and Wyrd Girl pages made for a weird chronological archive, so I want to reorganize the pages and strips. This will hopefully make a straight read through of the full archives much easier (and let me de-clutter the sidebars!)

Thank you for reading, and see you in October!